Introducing Abadhya: The Law Application

Abadhya is India’s only Legal Education Mobile Application with a single point solution to Cater to all your Law needs. Abadhya is Crafted Exclusively for Law Students and Enthusiasts. Abadhya brings its users close to the Legal World with the Click of a button.

About Us

Abadhya Education Pvt. Ltd. is a technologically driven Educational Mobile Application inspired from our Prime Minister’s, Sri. Narendra Modi Ji’s, Digital India and Startup India initiative.

Abadhya was founded in 2017 by our CEO, Mr. Samdish Khurana. A Young Entrepreneur who also runs a Publication House under the guidance of his father. Abadhya is an effort to cater to the needs of the digital initiative to better our nation. And ever since he has only continued to work towards getting more fronts on his application.

The main Objective of the firm is to Empower, Develop, and Impart online education, initially Legal Education, by providing online video tutorials, eBook, online discussion forum etc. through its diverse features and simply with a click of a button.

Legal Education as Primary Subject

In a modern democratic world, people can obtain justice and speak out against injustice only by seeking help from the legal system of countries.

Thus, the responsibility of the system and its facilitators is tremendous. Legal education not only provides lawyers with technical knowledge but also enlightens them about ethics, social duties and responsibilities, thus benefiting society as a whole.


Be Prepared to be Amazed with our Unique and Versatile Features!

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It is important to pay attention in class, because the examples given when we are taught, can trigger certain relations with our memory. In case you missed a topic in class, we got you covered. Our video lectures of 23 subjects and all units of each of the subjects never lets you feel like you missed anything at all. You can sit back, in the comfort of your house, and catch up on that is done in class, and be prepared for the next lecture.

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With our attention span reducing to 8 seconds of written text, and our misery of falling asleep in class. Audio books on our app, come to the rescue. With the advanced technology at our beacon, you can now simply just listen and learn through our curated version of audio books. You can take them with you anywhere, and listen to them instead of music once in a while.

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Class Notes

Not every student has the habit of making notes in class, some have good memory, but the most can suffer in such cases. With the help of our professionals, we bring to you study material, so the night before the exam isn’t so much of a nightmare. Expertise study material created for the users, with help of the experts, to make studying seem a whole lot easier and constructed.

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Bare Acts

The parliament has their specific ways of passing laws, and the language they use becomes essential. With no case laws and any other explanations, it gets very hard to keep track of it all. We have in this space compiled all the Bare Acts in one place. The exact text of all the enactment in one place, to avoid the confusion related to any act or what was passed.

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We bring to your our own online book store. You don’t need to surf outside our app for any book. We allow you to shop all books online, and make this app your one stop guide and solution for any problem you might have during your course of becoming a lawyer.

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Case Laws

Each law has a landmark case that urges the government to pass the new law. And so we have set together those bases of the cases on which the new laws are made, Every landmark case law for each subject.

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Constitution of India

Nothing in law can be complete without this major body. And while it gets really hard to get your hands on a copy of this, we understand that need and bring it to you. The entire constitution of India, with all its articles and schedules just a tap away from you.

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Legal Glossary

The Oxford dictionary of law, would be the dictionary of all the legal terms one uses in every subject, and to understand the governing of the country better. No subject is complete without its dictionary, and the legal terms to use to define it rightly.

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Discussion Panel

This is your free space, to shoot our your queries. It’s better to ask than to be in doubt. And hence this section of the app lets you discuss with fellow law students, with experts and professionals any problems or doubts you have about any subject. People are free to question, as well as to answer and end the query that one might have.

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Publish Your Article

We provide to you a certification of being published. You can submit the articles that you would like to publish, among all the entries we will pick the best three articles that will be published.

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Ans: Abadhya is the India’s only Legal Education Mobile Application providing one stop solution to all Law Students & Enthusiasts to cater all their Law Needs Covering all the Legal Subjects (Especially for BA/LLB students for their Examinations) with a versatile range of Features.

Ans: Abadhya is specially crafted for All Law Students & Enthusiasts.

Ans: Abadhya Covers 23 Major Subjects which are as follows:
1. Administrative Law.
2. Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems.
3. Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act- Part 1.
4. Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act- Part 2.
5. Code of Criminal Procedure.
6. Constitutional Law- Part 1.
7. Constitutional Law- Part 2.
8. Cyber Law.
9. Environmental Law.
10. Family Law.
11. Income Tax Act.
12. Indian Evidence Act- Part 1.
13. Indian Evidence Act- Part 2.
14. Indian Penal Code/Criminal Law.
15. Intellectual Property Rights.
16. International Law- Part 1.
17. International Law- Part 2.
18. Jurisprudence.
19. Labour Laws.
20. Insurance Laws.
21. Land Laws.
22. Taxation- Part 2.
23. Transfer of Property Act

Ans: Yes, the Application is Free to Download and Partially Free to Use. BUT if the use wants to use the app to the full of its extent then the User needs to Subscribe to the Application with one of its offered Subscriptions.

Ans: Abadhya Offers the Following Features:
1. AUDIOS- Listen And Learn.
2. VIDEOS- Missed a Topic? Finish it with Our Videos.
3. BARE ACTS- Get all Bare Acts at One Place.
4. CLASS NOTES- Expertised Study Material.
5. CASE LAWS- Landmark Case Laws.
7. LEGAL GLOSSARY- Dictionary of Legal Terminology.
8. BOOK SHOP- Shop here to buy Law books.
9. DISCUSSION FORUM- Have a Question? Post it Here.
10. PUBLISH YOUR ARTICLE- Submit your Article to Get Published.

Ans: The following are the Free Features of the Application:
1. One Subject Free: Class Notes & Case Laws (Administrative Law).
2. Bare Acts.
3. Discussion Forum.
4. Legal Glossary.
5. The Constitution of India.
6. Access to the Bookshop.

Ans: The User can access the Application to the full of its Extent after Subscription. Able to use all Features and access all study material. It is the premium section of the Application.

Ans: User can simply subscribe to the application by Clicking on the “Lock Button” at the Right Hand Top Side of the Home screen. User can simply choose the plan and subscribe according to his/her needs. With the itunes Subscription or Google Play according to the Hardware of the User.

Ans: User can Simply Cancel the Subscription any time within 30days of Purchase for the Next month from its apple/google ID in the Subscriptions section.

Ans: No, the Subscription is non-refundable for the month subscribed. But the user can cancel anytime for the next month. In cases where the request has been made within 24 hours of the Subscription, it is the Sole discretion of the Abadhya team to take a call on the same.

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